Better Health and Weight Loss with a Home Detox Diet

I wrote this article to share my personal experience with the lemonade diet. It will describe a few of my problems with health and weight, what caused them, things I tried but did not work, and how home detox changed my life. Before we begin however, a little background information might be helpful.

People worldwide have weight issues. I suspected the cause was more than genetics, overeating, or lack of exercise. The reason I believed this is the increasing flood of overly processed food. I bet you have similar concerns anytime you dare read the ingredients on a bag of chips.

I am just a person with a weight problem and a few health issues. By no means am I a qualified scientist. By the time I reached 50 however, I had noticed a few disturbing trends.

Every time I try new diets, they work for a while. Then, over time, pounds began creeping back. I also noticed I tired more easily, never slept through the night, and seem constantly hungry. I convinced myself that this is a natural part of the aging process. At least I tried to convince myself.

A Few Things I Discovered

I do not fully buy into the aging excuse really. Recently I read an article in the New York Times. It was a book review about the commercial food industry today. It described the broad spectrum of chemical additives used in processed foods. It went further to describe the addictive purpose of many additives. A few of the largest food processors today now even fondly refer to their customers as “users.” Really, I am not kidding.

These additives do not add nutritional quality. Corporations specifically engineer additives to prolong shelf life, fake color, force consumer desire, inspire sales, and ultimately, increase corporate profits. In addition, who really knows the amount of herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, and antibiotics we consume?

I find no comfort in the fact that no scientific studies are available that conclusively determine if particular additives are safe for human consumption or cause harm. Nevertheless, the absence of proof is enough for the FDA, and it then concludes that all additives used by a manufacturer must be safe, without an investigation of any kind, because the manufacturer says so.

The FDA also does not seem to be concerned that, despite high calorie contents, many processed foods have little if any nutritional value. I believe the lack of nutrients and chemical additives are why I felt hungrier rather than satisfied after eating a bag of chips.

Even more, manufacturers are proud of this because it elevates stock values. You know the saying, “You can’t eat just one.” This famous advertising slogan contains more than a grain of truth.

The contents of processed foods are supposed to appear on the package. But then again, I suspect the people who write these lists of ingredients may also work for very large banks. Yes, I am kidding, just a bit, but I have a firm foundation for this statement.

If manufacturers of processed foods were proud of the ingredients in products, they would not hide them on the back, in tiny print, using inscrutable scientific names. I have a hard enough time trying to make sense out of my bank’s credit card agreement. The ingredients and disclosures on packaged foods should not make me feel the same way.

One thing is certain however. Fast food is tasty, cheap, and readily available. It seems like you could throw a rock and hit a fast food joint or a convenience store from anywhere on the planet.

How This Came About

I found a solution for my weight problems and my health issues. No, it was not another fad diet or based on the latest plant extract or a strange chemical concoction or, dread, yet another prescription drug. The solution that worked for me is old and amazingly easy, affordable, and effective.

You can cure yourself at home for little cost. I buy supplies at Wal-Mart or any other discount grocery store in my neighborhood.

Also good, I lost weight naturally by eliminating many of the chemicals I suspected were causing my health problems. It was not easy for me to find a solution, no, not at all. I spent years looking, trying this, doing that, and failing repeatedly. Then I went on to fail even more, with no realistic hope in sight.

This is a very bad cycle for a person who loves eating a good meal. I hope to save you this needless frustration, and let us face facts, save you from a life-threatening episode like the one I had. I was a slow learner when it came to my health, and I paid a dear price.

The key for me was to give up on “diets” altogether, forever, and to focus entirely on improving my health. This was easy for me after surviving by-pass surgery. Let us hope you do not follow my example. Oddly, my doctors had little to offer after recovery.

Only later, after more research and the help of a friend, my excess weight began to disappear quietly and then yield without a fuss.

Here Is How It Happened

It took years to discover something that worked. I spent countless days researching health issues. I have read several dozen of books that span a wide range of health topics. I scoured the internet and processed through the advice of so-called experts. I discussed my condition with quite a few doctors to no avail. I kept trying and remained determined to find a reliable solution that actually made sense.

It is no surprise. Pharmaceutical companies, sellers of fad diets, and manufacturers of weight loss supplements do not spend their advertising budget on affordable natural home remedies. Moreover, why would they, considering it generates no profit? Most of my research was for naught, but I did pick up a few worthwhile gems from books.

Then, just by accident, I had lunch with a friend. I explained to her what I was doing and admitted my frustration. She was smiling and nodding, but after a while, offered her advice. She said, “You should have talked to a farm girl.”

She explained that she spent part of childhood on a farm tending to her family’s vegetable garden. She loved the experience and enjoyed taste-testing fresh vegetables regularly throughout the growing season. It was a hand-tended garden with minimal to no chemical use so you could say it was organic before the term became popular. She also revealed a family secret. They all participated in a ritual.

She told me that a lemonade diet four times a year detoxified her and everyone in the family. As a consequence, a side bonus really, they all also lost weight. It was a family tradition. Then, better and more healthful food choices plus moderate exercise maintained her weight throughout the year even though they continued to eat as much as they wanted.

She said it was easy. She said she felt great even though she was my age. She said that she had been doing this for years. The only exercise she needed was walking several times a week.

I had to stop her here. It is hard to believe anyone could eat as much as they want and still lose weight. So, I asked her about this.

What Really Works

As it turns out, it is not how much you eat but rather what you eat that really matters. In addition, no, healthy eating and healthy living does not require anyone to subsist on rabbit food.

This all began to make sense. After all, vegetable gardens and walking were part of everyone’s life until about 50 years ago. People then rarely had weight problems, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, or lung disease. Diabetes and obesity were extremely rare.

Today, these are leading causes of death but only in modern industrialized societies. Even worse, these diseases sneak up on you without warning. You can confirm all of this by reading the mother of all nutritional studies, the “Oxford-Cornell China Study.” It is a great book and puts things clearly into perspective.

What did people 50 years ago know that we don’t? Not so much as it turns out, but importantly, they were free of overt commercial chemical manipulation.

I think my farm girl got it right all along. This chance encounter and the ensuing conversation put me on the right track.

She also gave me a few examples and emailed several of her favorite recipes. So, I tried them, picking up a few new skills in the process.

Not to get too far ahead, but two of my favorite recipes today are actually easy to make. Sometimes I have grilled eggplant and Portobello mushrooms slathered with a spicy, Italian-style tomato sauce. I also adore her Cajun-style Shrimp creole recipe (she called it Garden Creole but I add scallops or mussels because that is what I like).

The point is that today I still enjoy great meals. I just put more thought into each one and cut out as much commercially processed food as I can. I have gone organic and make things from scratch. I also know exactly what goes into each meal.

My cooking has really improved too, and I can make a healthy, low-fat creamy sauce out of a couple of cups of almond milk in a blender and a small handful of cashew nuts. It is delicious and goes well with any grilled vegetable.

The Lemonade Cleanse and Instructions for a Healthier Body

After our conversation, I began researching again. I read all I could about lemonade detox, the process, how and why it worked, and evaluated countless blogs and comments about the weight loss results and health benefits people reported.

I intentionally ignored all of the testimonials by businesses that sold supplies, books, or products. I assumed they were more advertisement that than truth.

I also discovered much variation in the advice offered, recipes followed, the processes used, and the results people experienced. It was clear to me that there are many imposter lemonade diets. So naturally, I went back to my source and discussed what I found out with my friend.

She explained that the process that works for her is very simple. She had used it for years with little variation. She also told me about the best book on the topic she had found. It was the process she followed and included additional ideas she adopted.

So naturally, I bought the book, read it, and followed the instructions. How could I not? By this point, fully invested, there was no turning back.

A Cleanse, a New Me, and My Personal Weight Loss Results

It was a big change for me to follow the process. Truthfully, I initially had doubts it would even work. Then again, I have too many years of experience feeling the dissatisfaction and disappoint of following a diet. I knew I could be faithful to any routine for two weeks. That is all it takes, and this one finally made sense.

In the simplest terms, the lemonade diet recipe is a mixture of purified water, fresh lemon juice, and organic maple syrupy, spiced with cayenne pepper. I drank a large glass of this eight or more times a day.

Each morning, cleansing requires a salt-water flush. This is to help rid your body of accumulated toxic buildup. No, it is not what you imagine.

Drinking mildly salty, warm water helps release the accumulated buildup of toxins in your GI tract, top to bottom, including especially the colon. Personally, I found it a positive experience to flush away, finally, commercial chemicals and toxins that were grinding me up and tearing me down.

This was great, an amazing benefit of cleansing. The flush is also a progressive process. The more toxins you flush out, the more your body scours your system for other noxious residue and then eliminates it as well. It takes time. Do not expect much for the first few days.

Then, the steady elimination of toxins and unnatural chemicals begins in earnest. This is the purpose of cleansing, and is only possible when following the true lemonade diet and consuming fresh nutrients that are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and trace elements, a free of commercial chemicals and additives.

Weight Loss Results

Over two weeks, expect to lose one to three pounds of commercial chemical buildup that is now polluting your body. I think the amount of buildup depends on how bad you have been in the past, like me. It is there now, and you must get rid of it to regain your health and shed unwanted pounds.

Over the course of a two week cleanse, I lost a total of 14 pounds. I suspect this was about two pounds of chemical buildup and 12 pounds of excess fat.

I am not a small person. I am 6’1” and weighed 230 pounds before my first cleanse. Because my bone structure is noticeably big, heavy and broad, my ideal weight is 190 pounds despite all charts and expert opinions to the contrary.

Anything below that weight causes me problems. Think of me as a husky high school linebacker who adored sports, moved fast, then fast-forward to age 56, see me 40 pounds overweight and moving much slower. Oh well, this is what I had to work with and I was determined to do the best I could.

If you are a petite woman, I am guessing now, I will bet your weight loss will be proportional. If you weigh half my beginning weight (115 pounds), you could expect about seven pounds of total weight loss after a two week cleanse.

This makes sense to me but I offer it only as an amateur estimate. Regardless of weight loss however, I know you will feel great and you would be doing your body a great favor.

Over the last year, this is what happened after cleansing, going organic and embracing a clean, healthy life style:

  • I do not have that sluggish, sleepy feeling after meals.
  • Nagging hunger pangs throughout the evening disappeared.
  • My skin complexion improved noticeably.
  • I can sleep through the night without getting up.
  • This morning, I weighed 192 pounds.
  • I have fewer nagging aches and pains and my back feels much better.
  • I feel younger and more energetic, especially after stretching and a long walk.
  • I think my concentration improved. In fact, I am sure of it.
  • I like the man I see in the mirror, train tracks and all.
  • I smile more often.

One of the most important things I learned from all of this is that we really are what we eat. I realize this is a cliché, but it is true. Our food choices become the building blocks that transform into the foundation of our physical health. Even more, our choice to exercise or not determines how this transformation takes place.

If You Want to Take the Lemon Detox Diet Further

I am very pleased and fully recommend the book that worked for me. I would not trust anything else because of what I have experienced and learned over the years. I cannot claim I found it by myself. I am grateful for the help I received in finding this detox recipe after years of pointless trial and error. Here are the details:

  • The price is only $27 and has a 60 day, no questions asked guarantee.
  • They throw in a few bonus items. The 35 Foods List to Promote Weight Loss is a good one.
  • You get personal coaching free, for a while, if you have questions. This is very helpful.

This one-time cost is nothing compared to the potential health benefits anyone can receive. It is simple, easy, and fool proof.

I also cannot overstate the problem with fake lemonade diets. They may go by many names and the variations are seemingly endless. There are also many truly absurd detox recommendations on the internet. Play it safe and if in doubt, rely only on the proven method recommended by the official site.

After years of searching, I found a single logical solution. I now know the key to improving and maintaining my personal health. The lemonade diet has worked wonders for me and my doctors are astonished.

If you want to improve your health and finally get rid of excess weight: